2022 Conference 

Generation Z and the Future of Student Success

Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, MA

Friday, November 4, 2022

Keynote speaker, Dr. Meghan Grace, host of the podcast #GenZ and co-author of the books, Generation Z Goes to College and Generation Z: A Century in the Making. 

Breakout Session Titles:

Co-Creating Effective Support Methods for Developmental English Students

Mathematics in the 21st Century

Using Cognitive Load Theory to Improve Your Coaching and Advising Practices

Grit & Growth Mindset: CHECK! Next Come Confidence & Courage

Content Creation in Higher Education: The Professor as the Creator

Engaging Gen Z Students in Academic Support Services Through Interactive Modules

Academic Coaching: Theory and Practice

Surrounding Students with Academic Support: A Partnership to Launch Student Success

Comparison of Students' Performance Using Web-based and Paper-based Homework 

              in an Undergraduate Statistics Course

Creating Your Own First-Year Service-Learning Course from Scratch

Pause, Reboot, SOAR: An Approach to Academic Recovery